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Pixar has had a long-standing commitment to the quality of the computer generated (CG) films that the company produces through Disney. The movie "Cars" is no exception, blending engaging storyline with fleshed-out characters in the form of different vehicles. The characters of the movie "Cars" can be separated into three main groups: the main characters, who spend the majority of the time in the spotlight, the supporting characters who have recurring moments, and then the third-tier characters that have very minor rolls with no or limited dialogue.

Main Characters

  • Lightning McQueen, the main character, is a red race car numbered 95. In addition, Tow Mater (a tow truck) and Sally (the light blue love interest of McQueen) round out the top three heroes. Then there's Flo, Ramone, Luigi, Guido, Doc Hudson, Fillmore, The King, Mack, Red, Sarge, Sheriff, Chick Hicks and Lizzie, who all have recurring roles throughout the movie.

Supporting Characters

  • The supporting cast includes Sven, Richard Clayton Kennsington, Larry, R.M., Tow, Dexter Hoover, Jay Limo, Donico Helicopter, Kathy Copter, TJ Hummer, Artie, Barney Stormin, Charlie Checker, Albert Hinkey, Al Oft, Stanley, Van, Bessie, Mini, Race Official Tom, Mrs. King, Frank, My Name is Not Chuck, Kori Turbowitz, Bruiser Bukowski, Fred, Ferrari, Dusty Rust-eze, Rusty Rust-eze, Mia & Tia, Boost, Tractor, DJ, Snot Rod, Wingo, Darrell Cartrip, Tex Dinoco, Bob Cutlass, Mario Andretti and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Third-Tier Characters

  • The third-tier cast of cars includes Swift Alternetter, Screamin' Banshee, Cobra Cooper, Percy Hanbrakes, Matti, Bernie Banks, Duff Wrecks, Trev Diesel, Chuck Choke Cables, Antonio Veloce Eccellente, Benny Brakedrum, Kit Revster, Studs McGirdle, Vern, The Convoy Brothers, Alphanumeros, Barry Diesel, Murphy, Johnny & Jamie, Bert, Mildred Bylane, Timothy "Timezone" Truecoat, Milo, Valerie Veate, Marilyn, Nick Stickers, Derek "Decals" Dobbs, Mathew "True-Blue" McCrew, Wilmar Flatz, Marty Brakeburst, Miles "Meattruck" Malone, Nelson Blindspot, Clayton Gentlebreeze, Bennie Caliper, PT Flea's Circus, Frank "Pinky" Pinkerton, Tim Rimmer, Bud, Donna Pits, Brian, Alarm Clock, Jonathan Wrenchworths, Hooman, Bertha Butterswagon, Coriander Widetrack, The Autobahn Society, Dan Schlarkenberg, Paul Valdez, Syd Vanderkamper, Chet Boxkaar, Ben Crankleshaft, Oliver Lightload, Dash Boardman, Vroomaroundus Bugus, Houser Boon, Marco Axelbender, Chief Chick, Marion "Clutches" McKay, Dinoco Girls, Skip Ricter, Polly Puddlejumper, Vitoline Pitty, Costanzo Della Corsa, N2O Cola Pitty, Patty, Gil, Wally Hauler, Todd "Pizza Planet Truck", Elvis, Octane Gain Hauler, Timothy Twostroke, Andrea, Chuck Manifold, Jerry Recycled Batteries, Milton Calypeer, Greta, Hank "Halloween" Murphy, Chief RPM, Hugo Fast, Shirley Spinout, Chief Leakless, Ron Hover, Dustin Mellows, Edwin Kranks, Marco, Axle Accelerator, Chuki, Luke Peddlework, Petrol Pulaski, Leroy Traffik, Chief No Stall, Woody, Buzz Lightcar, Sulley, Mike Wazowski, Flik, PT Flea, Yeti, Hamm, Stacy and Dudley Spare.

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