Tips for Making Wine Bottle Stoppers


Wine bottle stoppers can be made out of a number of different materials to help keep wine fresh and drinkable for days in the future. A variety of different ornaments can be used on top of the stoppers themselves, giving each its own unique look and style. Certain ways of making these stoppers should be followed so that they are sure to work and not fall apart after a few uses.

Clean Pieces of Cork

  • When choosing pieces of cork for your wine stoppers, look for high quality, unused cork that has not gotten wet in the past. These pieces of cork can be purchased at a craft store or kitchen specialty shop, which will sell a number of them in a bag for a set price. Inspect the cork to make sure it is hard but pliable and will be able to be drilled into and squeezed into the top of the wine bottle. Mark the center of each piece of cork you plan on using with a pen.

Tools and Strong Glue

  • Before attaching your ornament to the cork, gather the proper tools. A drill with a small, narrow bit on it should be used to drill a hole in the middle of the cork. When drilling, the cork should be secured by a C-clamp to ensure the cork will not move. Drill only about halfway to the cork's center, making sure to drill the hole as straight as possible. Put a strong, heavy-duty glue into the hole right before you attach your ornament, or topper, to the cork itself. Use the C-clamp to press the cork and the ornament together so they are firmly connected.


  • Ornaments, or toppers, are the pieces of metal or glass which are attached to the piece of cork. These give the wine stopper weight and also an attractive or unique look. Objects which are usually screwed into walls or cabinets, like knobs or artistic shapes, are often used for the tops to these wine stoppers. However, you can get creative with these ornaments, making them out of just about anything as long as it can either be screwed into the hole drilled in the cork or attached to the cork using glue. Something with a bit of weight to it will help hold the cork in the top of the wine bottle, keeping the wine fresh for a longer period of time.

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