Modern Uses of Greek Architecture


Elements of Greek architecture are seen in modern homes, as well as commercial and public buildings. Architects combine these ancient elements with modern architecture in a variety of ways to decorate and enhance structures. Sometimes sections from classical elements are omitted; other times, they are replaced. For example, a pediment, the triangular form that sits above some classic Greek columns, is sometimes replaced by a balcony in the construction of a modern home or building.

A modern home that includes columns and a portico, elements common to ancient Greece.
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Columns were the hallmarks of classic Greek architecture. Columns include the shaft, or the tubular column itself; a capital, or crown of the shaft; and the entablature, or rows of blocks above the columns. Ancient Greek architecture includes three styles of columns: Doric, Ionic and Corinthian. Some buildings included rows of columns, called colonnades. Ancient Greek buildings also included the temple, used for storage of treasure; the gymnasium, an open-air, enclosed space for athletics; and the tholos, a circular structure for religious purposes.

The sides of the famous Greek Parthenon were built with Doric columns.
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The Doric is the oldest and plainest of the columns. It does not have a base like the other columns do, and its shaft is many-sided. It has a triangular, pediment roof, which is often sculpted in a particular shape. The frieze, one of the blocks of the entablature, might be sculpted or contain a pattern of three vertical lines interspersed with blank spaces. Many modern homes and commercial buildings are decorated with these columns.

Doric columns in a contemporary house.
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The Ionic column includes a scrolled capital, called a "volute"; a fluted shaft; a multi-layered base; and a pediment. It is taller, thinner and more elegant than the Doric column. The base has many layers. This column is visible on many modern structures.

Ionic columns with a modern twist of an unsculpted pediment in a recently constructed building.
Porch Columns with Trees image by oakrise images from

The Corinthian is the most ornate column. Its capital is heavily decorated with a leaf motif, usually acanthus leaves, or the leaves of a perennial herb of the Mediterranean area. It has a fluted shaft and a layered base. The Corinthian, with its flat roof, does not have a pediment. The U.S. White House, with its front colonnade, demonstrates a modern twist on Corinthian Columns, without traditional flutes running up the columns.

Corinthian columns with a modern twist: shafts without flutes.
Columns image by Nikita Pryanishnikov from

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