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The top 10 plants to use to decorate an office are selected for their positive attributes. These plants are easy to maintain, tolerate a variety of indoor conditions and live for a long time. Another quality to look for is the appearance of the plants, which add contrast to the office space and brighten the work area.

Weeping Fig (Ficus benjamina)

  • The weeping fig is chosen for its long life and ease of care. The weeping fig can be trimmed each year in the fall to maintain its original shape. The plant needs indirect sunlight near a window. It can decorate a table as a small plant or be placed on the floor when taller. Annual trimming can keep the ficus tree small; if left to grow, it can reach heights of up to 20 feet. The plant must be kept away cold drafts due to air-conditioning vents or doors that open regularly during the winter months.

Howea Palm (Kentia forsteriana)

  • The Howea palm has arching palms and tolerates medium to low light conditions. The palm can be used in corners of the office when fully grown or on tables when small. The plant grows upwards, and fronds that start bushing out can be trimmed to maintain the vertical shape. Howea palms can grow to 10 feet tall.

Sweetheart Plant (Philodendron scandens)

  • The philodendron, or sweetheart plant, can be grown as a hanging basket or as a table plant. As the plant grows, the vines can reach lengths of 1 foot. The plant can be trimmed to stay bushy to avoid long leggy vines that surround the container on a table, or it they be left to cascade down in a hanging basket. Philodendrons tolerate low light and can be placed away from windows.

Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema maria and Aglaonema silver queen)

  • Two varieties of the Chinese evergreen, aglaonema maria and aglaonema silver queen, are accustomed to low light levels in an office setting. The plants grow to 14 inches high and are bushy. The plants do not need any trimming. The smaller dark green leaves with white accents make the aglaonema maria idea for an area that needs a little color, such as a table, deck or counter. The aglaonema silver queen has larger dark green leaves with white accents.

Devils Ivy (Scindapsus aureus)

  • Devils ivy has green leaves with white accents. The plant is ideal for a hanging basket or as a table plant with a stake in the pot for it to cling to and grow upwards. Like the sweetheart plant, the devils ivy needs regular trimming to keep the plant full and not leggy. The plant tolerates low light, so it can be placed away from windows. The vines can reach 1-foot long.

Dragon Tree (Dracaena steudneri and Dracaena fragrans)

  • The dragon tree is a woody plant that tolerates low light areas such as an office. Dark green leaves with yellow edges grow from the top of the woody trunk of the dracaena steudneri. The plant can grow to heights of 10 feet indoors. Every now and then, the plant has a flower spike with a fragrance similar to hyacinths. The dracaena fragrans has green leaves with a yellow stripe running down the middle.

Joseph's Coat (Croton petra)

Zanzibar Gem (Zamioculcas zamifolia)

  • The Zanzibar gem grows to about 3 feet tall in a smaller container. As the stems sprout from the soil, round dark green leaves appear. The Zanzibar is ideal for low light areas in the office and requires very little water. The plant need pruning when the stems get too long and droop.

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