Shamrock Craft Projects for Kids

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Adding glitter to a simple construction paper shamrock really glams it up.

Making shamrocks with kids is one way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, and also an easy spring craft. There are dozens of different ways to make shamrocks. From the more elaborate art supplies to basic household items, shamrocks can be crafted from varied materials.

  1. Paper Plate Shamrocks

    • Paper plate shamrocks are easy to make, and they can be done with a few basic supplies. Have the kids glue three paper plates into a triangle/shamrock shape, and then cut and attach green construction paper stems. The kids can either paint or color the paper plates green.

    Shamrock Ornament

    • A shamrock ornament is something kids can make, and then save it to decorate with every year on St. Patrick's Day. To make the ornament, have kids roll out modeling clay with a rolling pin. Use a shamrock cookie cutter to cut the ornament from the clay. Use a pencil point to make a hole for a hanging string. Bake the modeling clay per package instructions. Once the ornament is hardened and cooled, decorate it with glitter and attach a hanging string.

    Tissue Paper Shamrock

    • Make a template of a shamrock out of cardboard; have the kids trace the template on green construction paper and cut out the construction paper shamrock. Cut green tissue paper in small 2-by-2-inch squares. Have the kids wad up the tissue paper squares and glue them to the shamrock. This will give the shamrock a three-dimensional look.

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