Filipino Clubs in Las Vegas

As a cultural melting pot, Las Vegas has a large variety of nightlife. A few clubs have a distinct Filipino, or Pinoy, flavor. In these locales, you will find traditional Filipino food, decor, and--of course--karaoke. So, transport yourself to the Philippines and have a few drinks, sing and dance the night away.

  1. New Makati Club

    • At the New Makati Club, you can find authentic Filipino cuisine, sing karaoke and dance the night away every night of the week. Kids can retreat to the children's area and play games. Catering service and in-house private rooms are also available for parties.

      New Makati Club

      3400 S. Jones Blvd. 15

      Las Vegas, NV 89146


    Philippine Garden Restaurant

    • The Philippine Gardens Restaurant in West Las Vegas is part restaurant, part club. After dining on Filipino fare, you can enjoy cocktails from their full bar in the lounge and enjoy yourself well into the morning.

      Philippine Gardens Restaurant

      4300 Spring Mountain Rd #103

      Las Vegas, NV 89102


    Kapuso Kapamilya

    • The environment and set-up of Kapuso Kapamilya is similar to the Philippine Gardens, as they have the same owners. Enjoy food and drinks, then have fun singing karaoke on the stage.

      Kapuso Kapamilya

      4300 Spring Mountain Rd

      Las Vegas Nevada 89102


    Café Moda

    • Café Moda is a local Filipino hot spot, serving food in the day and transforming into a nightclub in the later hours. They offer Ladies Night on Wednesdays and host nightly karaoke competitions.

      Café Moda

      3400 S Jones Blvd.

      Las Vegas, NV 89146


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