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When the holiday season becomes noticeable, try planning a holiday party for your class to get them all excited for the upcoming celebrations. Though you may want to focus on things like decorations and food, don't forget to prepare some party activities sure to make all the students giggle with glee.

Wax Skating

  • For a simple yet effective activity to get the students in the mood for the holiday season, you can start by gathering up some wax paper. Move any furniture out of the way so you have a clear floor. Hand each student two sheets of wax paper they can place under each foot, as suggested by the Preschool Rainbow website. Line the students up at one side of the room side by side. Have them place the papers under their feet. When you say "Go," the players all race to the other side of the room with the wax papers under their feet. The first player to make it to the finish line wins the wax skating contest.

Holiday Trivia Game

  • Determine how well your students remember holiday trivia by playing this game. Before the party, think of some trivia questions the students may know the answers to. For younger students, good questions include "Which reindeer has a red nose?" or "Where does Santa live?" For older students, try these examples: "Give three names Santa Claus goes by" and "Complete this lyric: Have yourself a (blank)." Write all the trivia questions and answers down on index cards. Create three rows of students and give the three players at the front of the lines a bell. The player who rings his bell first gets the first opportunity to answer the question. If he gets the question wrong, someone else at the front can guess it. After someone either gets the question right (winning a point) or all three have tried to answer it, let the next wave of players get a turn. The player with the most points wins the game.

Jinglin' Bells

  • Play this mysterious holiday game by first tying some small bells to the bottom of a chair, as suggested by the Activity Village website. Place the prepared chair in the middle of the room. Bring all the players to one side of the room. Then, select one player out of the group to play Santa and sit her down on the chair to face away from the players. When ready, silently pick one player to stealthily move over to the chair. Once there, he must try to remove one of the Christmas bells without Santa hearing him. If heard, Santa can shout "Ho! Ho! Ho!" and, if a player is behind her, Santa switches roles with the thief. The game continues this way until all of the Christmas bells have been successfully taken from the chair.

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