Types of CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras, or closed circuit television cameras, are a type of security camera that records and transmits video for certain viewers. These cameras are typically used for surveillance and are commonly used in many different arenas, such as in convenience stores, malls, parking lots, airports and other areas where large groups of people may gather.

  1. Body Types

    • Dome cameras are designed to go unnoticed.
      Dome cameras are designed to go unnoticed.

      Dome cameras are very common and can be found in high volume areas, such as railroad stations or malls. This type of CCTV camera is designed to be unobtrusive so crimes can be recorded without the perpetrator noticing he is being taped. Another common body type is the standard white boxed camera that is used almost everywhere.


    • CCTV cameras can use black and white or color images.
      CCTV cameras can use black and white or color images.

      CCTV cameras can show images either in black and white, color, or may even have night vision abilities for night or low-light images. Most CCTV cameras capture images in real time, which is about 30 frames per second (fps), but nicer cameras can take videos with a higher fps. For most stores, one to five fps is more than sufficient.


    • A fixed cable connection can have a 500-foot long cable.
      A fixed cable connection can have a 500-foot long cable.

      CCTV cameras can transmit either through a wireless or fixed cable connection. A fixed cable connection means that the camera is physically connected to the monitor on which it transmits its images; lengths for these connections come in 25, 35, 50, 100 or 500 feet. A wireless connection usually uses a 2.4 gigahertz frequency to transmit the images.

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