MVA Regulations on Moving a Trailer in Maryland

Maryland Vehicle Association (MVA) regulations pertain to all forms of automobiles--including mobile homes and trailers. Rules for moving a trailer in Maryland differ depending on the type of trailer you own, but most trailers are covered by the tower's primary insurance policy. Regardless of make and function, the MVA requires almost all trailers to possess a certificate of registration to transfer it on public roads.

  1. Office Trailers and Mobile Homes

    • Office trailers do not have to be titled.
      Office trailers do not have to be titled.

      According to the MVA website, office trailers and mobile homes over 35 feet in length are not encumbered by standard motor vehicle rules of inspection or registration. Nevertheless, it is suggested that they be titled. Even though the MVA does not require an excise tax when supplying a title, payment must be made in the form of a state retail sales tax. This must be paid prior to receiving a title. To apply for a title or to request additional information, contact the Maryland comptroller's office at the State Sales Tax Division.

      Maryland State Sales Tax Division & Comptroller

      11510 Georgia Ave.

      Wheaton, MD 20902


    Travel and Homemade Trailers

    • Registering a homemade trailer is simple.
      Registering a homemade trailer is simple.

      Travel trailers include all variations of sport trailers (boat, camping or tent) and are regulated by the same motor vehicle rules as passenger automobiles. According to the MVA, travel trailers must be titled, and they must undergo inspection if they are being registered. Homemade trailers easily can be titled and registered by submitting an online application and supplying two photos displaying all angles and sides of the trailer.

    Freight Trailers

    • Freight trailers must have independent insurance.
      Freight trailers must have independent insurance.

      Freight trailer owners are required to follow the same title and registration laws as passenger vehicle owners. According to the MVA, freight and semi-freight trailers must be covered by motor vehicle liability insurance, independent of the towing vehicle policy. If a freight trailer is transformed into an office trailer, applicable state retail sales taxes must be paid if the owner desires to title the new vehicular conversion.

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