The Best Interior Decorating & Design Programs

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You can pursue training in interior design at a top-ranked school.

Interior decorating and design refers to the purposeful application and organization of space, materials, lighting and furnishings in the interiors of a variety of building types, including residential, commercial and industrial settings. The industry journal "Design Intelligence" ranks schools for interior design education. These programs provide a rigorous curriculum with the added benefits of an excellent reputation and professional affiliations within the industry.

  1. University of Cincinnati

    • The College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning at the University of Cincinnati offers a Bachelor of Science degree in interior design. This comprehensive five-year program addresses the planning of interior and experiential spaces. Course topics include art history, building, design principles, interior design theory, computer skills, place and dwelling, interior design history, graphic representation, fiber materials, millwork and furniture design. General education coursework in natural science, humanities, English composition, social science and business skills are also required. This program also integrates six quarters of cooperative work experience in interior design companies, architecture firms, public agencies or related commercial companies.

      University of Cincinnati

      College of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning

      5470 Aronoff Center, P.O. Box 210016

      Cincinnati, OH 45221-0016


    Pratt Institute

    • The Pratt Institute provides both a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Science in interior design. The undergraduate program combines both aesthetic development and practical application of interior design principles. Course requirements include drawing, 3-dimensional design, art history, 4-D design, lighting and color, architectural drawing, materials, construction systems, furniture design and environmental theory. The graduate program is intended to develop professional knowledge and skills in students from diverse backgrounds. Course topics include color and materials, architectural drawing, design concepts, construction, computer-aided design, lighting design and the history of interior design.

      Pratt Institute

      200 Willboughby Avenue

      Brooklyn, NY 11205


    Cornell University

    • The College of Human Ecology at Cornell University offers a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in interior design. It is currently the only interior design program available at an Ivy League school. This program focuses on the development of technical skills, problem-solving abilities and creative thinking. Course requirements include design graphics, human-environment relations, building technology, digital graphics, computer-aided design, digital communications, interior history and theory, materials, sustainable design, construction documentation and studio applications. General education coursework in the humanities, social science, written communication, statistics and natural science are also required.

      Cornell University

      410 Thurston Ave

      Cornell University

      Ithaca, NY 14850-2488


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