NCAA March Madness Pool Ideas

Each spring, the National Collegiate Conference Athletic Association's Division I men's basketball tournament draws millions of viewers. The single-elimination tournament, often referred to as March Madness, culminates with the Final Four, where a champion is crowned after winning at least six consecutive games. What draws sports fans and non-sports fans alike is that they can enter a variety of pools to make watching the tournament even more exciting.

  1. Brackets

    • The most common March Madness pool is the brackets. The bracket pool involves filling out a sheet predicting the winners of every game during the men's basketball tournament. Points are awarded for each round and whoever has the most points at the end of the tournament is the winner. Oftentimes, the total amount of points scored in the championship game is used as a tiebreaker. A variation of the brackets is to award points based not on a predetermined amount by round, but by seeding. For instance, if you pick a team that is seeded No. 10 to win and that team wins, you would receive 10 points.

    Survivor Pool

    • During a Survivor Pool, participants randomly select teams out of a hat. As long as their team wins, they are still alive in the tournament. Once your team loses, you are eliminated from the pool. A major drawback is that once your team loses, you have no further interest in the pool.

    Sweet 16 Pool

    • During a Sweet 16 Pool, participants randomly select one of the final 16 teams remaining in the tournament. Whether a participant's team advances in the pool is determined against the Las Vegas spread. If your team is favored and wins by more than the Las Vegas spread, then you would still have that team in the next round. If you hold an underdog and the underdog wins outright and covers the spread, you would also still have that team in the next round. If the underdog loses but covers the spread, then you would "steal" the other team for the next round.

    Confidence Pool

    • During a Confidence Pool, participants rank 16 teams that are in the tournament. A participant then ranks the teams from 16 down to 1. A person ranking a team as a 16 thinks this team has the best chance of winning the entire tournament. Giving a team a ranking of 15 means you think the team will come up short in the finals. Each time one of your 16 teams wins, you get the point value of that team. The person with the most points at the end of the tournament is the winner.

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