Ladybug Party Games


Extend the ladybug theme beyond the cake and decorations at your party. Repurpose traditional games into ladybug games and create new games that play on the bug's distinctive appearance. Prizes for all the party games must, of course, include ladybugs, such as stickers, buttons, candy, magnets, clips, barrettes, headbands and other trinkets. If you're ambitious, sew or stencil larger prizes such as T-shirts, pillowcases, place mats and tablecloths.

Remodeled Party Games

  • Classic party games need only a slight remodel to become ladybug games. Design your own large ladybug for "Pin the Dot on the Ladybug"; lay painted or drawn ladybug fabric squares on the ground for "Musical Ladybugs"; and draw ladybugs on balloons for a game of catch. Adults can play a ladybug trivia game comprising facts about the bug's habitat and life cycle, or play charades with titles or phrases that contains the word "lady," such as Bob Dylan's "Lay Lady Lay," Walt Disney's "Lady and the Tramp" and Jimi Hendrix "Foxy Lady."

Outdoor Games for Children

  • Paint ladybugs on rocks as your first party activity, putting each child's name on the underside of the bugs. When the paint dries, have a helper hide the bugs, conduct a scavenger hunt and award a prize to the child who finds the most bugs -- let everyone take their own bugs home. For "Ladybugs on a Branch," designate a few children as ladybugs spaced in a line with large gaps in between. The other children attempt to run through the ladybugs without being tagged, joining the ladybugs if they are. Continue until everyone has been tagged.

Games With Ladybugs

  • Collect small ladybug buttons or charms to use in a balancing game, where each guest tries to place as many of the ladybugs as possible on a sturdy leaf or flower; the person with the most bugs wins. Or, pair the guests into teams and see if one partner can balance a ladybug on each finger of the other partner -- first team to succeed wins. If you can find fairly flat ladybugs, see who can balance the most in a stack.

Games for Adults and Teens

  • Use small ladybug tokens or ladybug-wrapped candy to play "Tell All." Let guests take as many ladybugs as they like; then ask each person to tell the group as many personal secrets as they have ladybugs. For a variation, give each guest three ladybugs, and ask them to finish the sentence "Never Have I Ever." If other guests have done the crazy or adventurous thing mentioned, the speaker must forfeit a ladybug in the center of the table. The winner, left with the last ladybug, get the entire pile of bugs.

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