Aerial Lift Training Requirements

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has certain training requirement for employees that work off of aerial lifts, as well as operators of aerial lifts. These aerial lifts can be man-baskets made for forklifts, overhead cranes, boom or scissor cranes or can be specifically designed as aerial lifts. A company that does not train the workers and operators of aerial lifts can be found in violation of OSHA regulations and fined for those violations.

  1. Aerial Lift Trainer

    • The regulations or requirements covering aerial lift training has a designated rule that mandates the aerial lift training must be performed by a person who has the knowledge, qualifications and experience to test and evaluate workers or operators of aerial lifts. This means the trainer must be certified as a qualified trainer and have several years of experience as a worker and operator of aerial lifts. The company can have a third-party aerial lift training company certify the operators and workers of aerial platforms in order to meet this trainer requirement if the company does not have a qualified trainer.

    Operator Training

    • OSHA designates an operator of an aerial lift as the person who runs the equipment used to lift the man-basket. The operator of cranes or forklifts must be certified as operators of the specific types of equipment before being trained on the aerial lift procedures. The aerial lifts are baskets designed to meet the regulations and hold workers who need to reach a work area that cannot be reached by conventional means. The aerial lift operators are required to be trained in the correct procedures for lifting, lowering and horizontally moving a man-basket or aerial lift. This requires the operator to be practically tested in order to meet this requirement.

    Worker Training

    • Each employee working off an aerial platform must be trained in the aerial platform safety and inspections before being allowed to work off a man-basket or aerial platform. The safety portion of the training requirement trains the worker about general safety of working off an aerial platform, such as tie-off procedures and requirements, hard hat requirements, guardrail requirements and what safety equipment must be kept on the aerial lift under working conditions. The inspection portion of the training requires the worker to perform a daily inspection of the aerial platform before the start of the work day and fill out a daily aerial lift checklist.

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