Exercises to Strengthen the Wrist for Shooting


Whether you have a lot of experience with shooting, or if you have only fired a gun once or twice, you know that wrist strength is essential to being able to securely hold and shoot guns of all kinds. Strong wrists make for steady hands, and they will help mitigate the kick of a gun when fired. There are a number of good exercises to increase wrist strength for shooting.

Rope Lift

  • One standard exercise for developing wrist strength for any purpose is the rope lift. To do this exercise, you'll need a short plastic or metal bar. Tie a 4-foot piece of rope to the bar, and hang a weight on the end. Hold the bar at waist level with elbows bent and palms down. Then, using only your wrist and forearm muscles, twist the bar around within your hands, so that the rope twists around the bar and brings the weight up until it touches the bar. Then, let the weight down again, twisting the bar in the opposite direction.

Bench Curl

  • If you've ever done regular curls before, which work the biceps, this exercise is similar to that. Grip a weighted bar in your hands, and rest your forearms on a bench, palms up. Using your wrists, lift the bar towards you in a curling fashion, hold for a second, then let it down again. Repeat several times until your wrists are tired. To work your wrists in the opposite direction, this exercise can be done with the palms facing down, too.

Bar Raise

  • This is an exercise that will work your wrist muscles from side to side, which is important when keeping a handgun steady while shooting. Hold a standard barbell or dumbbell in your left hand, with the arm extended out in front at shoulder length, like you're pointing at something in front of you. Start off holding the bar straight out, then use your wrist to lift the bar until it is vertical. Hold for a second, then let the bar back down to the extended position.

Grip Devices

  • In addition to exercises that use bars and dumbbells, there are a number of grip devices available to help you increase wrist strength. One common device is a resistance gripper featuring a piece of coiled metal with two plastic handles extending from it. The two plastic extensions are to be gripped in one hand and squeezed together, then released. There are other devices as well, such as rubber balls or canvas bags filled with sand.

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