Hairstyles for Med to Short Hair

Before deciding on a short or medium-length hairstyle, it's helpful to consider how the hairstyle will play into a woman's lifestyle and overall style. According to, several factors can determine which hairstyle is best for an individual. For instance, the hairstyle should flatter the woman's face and overall fashion sense or style. The cut should take into consideration the person's lifestyle, whether it will require hair products to look its best or it can be maintained easily.

  1. Short Bobs

    • The short bob is a popular hairstyle that often manages to look both contemporary and classic at the same time, meaning that this option for short hair rarely goes out of style. According to, short bobs work with a wide variety of hair textures. However, very curly hair might not be well-suited to short bobs, since the cut requires a certain amount of precision. Women with extremely curly hair may consider straightening their hair for a bob. Short bobs typically reach the ear or jawline, and may be either gently layered or cut evenly with a strong edge. Depending on the exact cut, short bobs are easy to maintain.

    Pixie Cuts

    • Pixie cuts are both a bold fashion statement and easy to upkeep, making them a versatile choice.
      Pixie cuts are both a bold fashion statement and easy to upkeep, making them a versatile choice.

      Pixie cuts are one of the shortest hairstyles available to women, and choosing a pixie cut can be a very bold, playful and fashionable choice. According to the hair trends website Chiggy's Touch, pixie cuts work best when purposefully messy and tousled, rather than precise or blunt. Typically pixie cuts are only several inches long, with face-framing bangs. Since a woman's face is highlighted with a pixie cut, it's typically a haircut for women who are confident and comfortable with their facial features. If desired, pixie cuts can be styled differently with hair products. For instance, styling can transform a pixie from a professional to casual style.

    Medium Bobs

    • Medium-length bobs are a popular and versatile middle ground between more extreme haircuts.
      Medium-length bobs are a popular and versatile middle ground between more extreme haircuts.

      Medium-length bobs are a contemporary, casual and stylish choice for women who desire a middle-ground between short and long hair. Medium-length bobs are also better-suited for women with very curly hair, since it's a less dramatic look than short bobs and can be more loose and wavy. According to, medium-length hair typically reaches to about the shoulder level. Medium-length bobs can be either layered or blunt-cut, and some women prefer to add bangs in order to better frame the face. The ends of a medium-length bobs can be curled under or flipped out to create different looks.

    Medium Shag Cuts

    • A medium-length shag cut depends on plenty of layering and texture.
      A medium-length shag cut depends on plenty of layering and texture.

      A shag is a medium-length haircut that is often more tousled, casual and playful than a bob. According to Beauty and the Bath, shag cuts are intended to look stylishly messy while still maintaining a structured, well-groomed feel. Shag cuts are particularly useful for emphasizing certain facial features or drawing attention away from others. The hair is layered around the face depending on a woman's personal preferences, often with bangs. Shag cuts have plenty of texture and volume, and may require hair products to keep the cut looking its best. However, for a purposefully casual and eye-catching medium-length hairstyle, shag cuts can fit the bill perfectly.

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