List of Extinct Animals in South Africa


According to Lonely Planet, South Africa has a wide range of landscapes that allow it to support highly diverse wildlife. While South Africa is currently home to more than 200 mammal species, there were also many now-extinct animals that once roamed the country's mountains, grasslands and savannas.


The quagga was a subspecies of the African plain zebra. Unlike other zebras, it was only striped along the front part of its body and its head and neck. Instead of black and white stripes, it had brown and white stripes, and the rear part of its body was solid brown. The name “quagga” refers to the sound that the animal made. The quagga was hunted to extinction by South African farmers for meat and leather and also to prevent the quagga from taking valuable pastureland from livestock like sheep and goats.

Blue Antelope

The blue antelope was also known as the blue buck, and according to the website It's Nature, was first mentioned in travelers' reports during the 17th century. The species received its name from a bluish sheen that developed when an aging animal's fur thinned over dark skin. It was a sturdy antelope with a dark back, white legs and a long black tail. The blue antelope had long sharp horns, much like the modern ibex. The species was in decline before the arrival of European settlers. When the European settlers arrived, the animal's habitat was further depleted by farming. By the beginning of the 18th century, the blue antelope was completely extinct.

Eastwood's Longtailed Seps

According to the "Endangered Species Handbook", the only reptile extinction to happen on a mainland area was that of the South African Eastwood's longtailed seps. The small lizard species itself was only discovered from two specimens that were collected in the beginning of the 20th century. Though searches were performed, no other lizards of this species were found. Its habitat, which included open grassland, was destroyed by invasive pine plantations. The species was officially declared extinct in 1994.

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