Windows XP System Repair Tools

Windows XP is a popular computer operating system produced by Microsoft which can suffer from a variety of issues resulting in blue error screens, computer crashes or slow computer performance. Windows XP offers several built-in tools that can help users troubleshoot and repair computer problems.

  1. Advanced Startup Options

    • Windows XP has several advanced startup options that can help users overcome and repair computer problems. Users can press the "F8" key to see a list of advanced boot options as their computer boots up. This menu may launch automatically if the computer is restarting after experiencing a vital error. "Safe Mode" is one of the advanced boot options. In safe mode, only basic device drivers and services will launch, which can avoid triggering problems that caused a crash. The user can then attempt to remedy the problem within safe mode before restarting and booting up normally. Another advanced boot option is to boot Windows with the last good configuration. This option allows the machine to revert to a previous configuration which may eliminate errors caused by recent changes to the system.


    • Chkdsk or "Check disk" is a system utility in Windows XP that allows users to scan for and repair errors on the hard disk such as bad sectors and lost clusters. The Chkdsk utility can be run from the windows command prompt or by clicking "Start," "My Computer," right-clicking on the disk to be checked, clicking "Properties," "Tools," then "Check Now."

    Disk Defragmenter

    • Disk defragmenter is a system utility that organizes the data on a hard disk to maximize data access speed. Running this tool can potentially increase the overall performance of the computer. The defragmenter can be accessed by going to the "Tools" tab descried in section 2 and clicking "Defragment Now."

    Device Manager

    • Device Manager is a Windows system utility that allows users to identify and configure hardware devices. Device manager can be used to update, disable and uninstall device drivers, as they are a common cause of system errors. The device manager can be accessed by clicking "Start," "Run," typing "devmgmt.msc" into the run field and clicking "OK."

    System Restore

    • Windows XP systems store records of previous system states or "restore points." System Restore is a repair tool included in Windows XP that allows users to make their system revert to a restore point to reverse problems caused by recent changes. To access System Restore, click "Start," point to "All Programs," "Accessories," "System Tools" then click "System Restore."

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