Food Ideas for a Superbowl Party

When you're throwing a Super Bowl party, the food is important. But this isn't the time for fancy, gourmet food. For a Super Bowl party, serve a variety of your favorite casual foods, and plenty of them, because football fans can be a hungry bunch.

  1. Appetizers

    • Serve everyone's favorite appetizers at your Super Bowl party. Provide chips and salsa, guacamole and cheese dip. Make jalapeno poppers for a spicy kick and sweet and sour chicken bites to smooth things out. Serve mini-cups of chili topped with cheese, onions and corn chips.

    Main Dishes

    • There are several main dishes that will work for a Super Bowl party. If you want to do it simply, make a bunch of homemade pizzas with everyone's favorite toppings. Alternately, throw some hamburgers or hot dogs on the grill and serve traditional ballpark food. Another good idea for a Super Bowl party main dish is to serve a taco bar. Set up a buffet with hard and soft shells, different types of meats and lots of assorted toppings, such as sour cream, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and cilantro.


    • Bake a cake or have one made for your Super Bowl party. If all the people attending your party will be pulling for one team, theme the cake for that team, decorating with its colors and mascot. If the party guests are split down the middle, do the same with the cake. Devote one side to one team and the other side to the opponent.

    Team Food

    • Theme the food you serve at your party for the cities of the teams playing. If the New Orleans Saints are in the Super Bowl, serve Cajun foods such as crawfish pasta, gumbo and pralines. When the New England Patriots make it to the big game, feed your guests lobster rolls and crab cakes. For the Chicago bears, serve steaks and deep dish pizza.

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