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Many modern newsletters begin at the keyboard.
Many modern newsletters begin at the keyboard. (Image: laptop image by PinkShot from

With the rise of the Internet and digital publishing, it has become more appealing and more technologically feasible, for the average person to put out a regular newsletter on the topic of his/her choice. With a dose of savvy Internet marketing, the newsletter could turn into a profitable business all by itself. One of the first tasks a budding newsletter entrepreneur is faced with is that of coming up with a great name because a good, meaningful name is the first step to attracting an audience for your newsletter.


Your initial decision should be whether to go with something silly, serious or just plan attention-getting. A newsletter devoted to knitting cat sweaters has much more latitude on the silly side. If the topic is cancer survival, you might want to take more care in treating the subject with dignity. Attention-getters can be a good idea; just make sure the attention garnered is the right kind, as in, “Cool, I wonder what this is about,” and not, “This is so stupid,” followed by the sound of a mouse clicking away. Only you know the tone you want to set with your periodical. In general, scientific, technical and professional journals tend to play it close to the vest for integrity.


Keep in mind that potential subscribers often are faced with a long list of newsletter titles with, at best, a short description. Figure out your niche and make sure the newsletter title reflects it. Examples would be Insider Jousting Weekly or Seafood Gazette. With the topic firmly embedded in the title, there will be little or no doubt in the minds of prospective subscribers as to what the newsletter will cover.

Word Suggestions

To build your newsletter title, it might help to make a list of words related to your niche or topic that bring to mind the a certain feeling. You can put together such a list by searching online or using a good thesaurus. For example, if your newsletter addresses "speed," consider related words like express, comet, racer, telegraph, or breakneck. Similarly, synonyms for "accuracy," will include truth, witness, spectator, reporter. For content, think broadcast, bulletin, bytes or news. Once you have the idea of the tone you want to set and your branding approach under control, toy with the words to create several different titles. At this point it's up to your fertile mind and creativity. Run your titles by friends and family to get feedback on their interpretation. Here are a few ideas to let you see how far afield your creativity may wander: The Unterrified Lemming, or, We See Hot Wings.

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