The Duties of a McDonald's Manager


McDonald's employs several different types of managers, from general or area managers who oversee many stores to swing managers who are in charge during their shift. Typically, restaurant managers track customer satisfaction, employees and productivity of all sections of the store, including the drive-through, grill zone and front counter. They make sure restaurants provide friendly, quick and reliable service.

Supervising Different Departments

  • Some McDonald's franchises hire area and assistant managers -- cutting out the restaurant manager role. Others, such as the McDonald's of Center Point, Iowa, employ department managers to lead certain systems, such as inventory or training. The guest services department manager is in charge of improving customer service and ensuring promotions are done correctly, while the kitchen department manager makes sure food is cooked correctly, quickly and safely.

Ensuring Friendly Service

  • Generally, McDonald's managers are responsible for creating employees' schedules each week, resolving customer complaints, and training or guiding assistant managers. Additionally, they work with their floor supervisors and crew members on providing consistent and friendly customer service. In the fast-paced food industry, knowing when to smile and what to say isn't always enough. It's up to managers to motivate the staff to offer great food and service, such as through recognition of those who get compliments from customers.

Stocking, Staffing, Cleaning

  • McDonald's managers don't just sit in an office all day. They may prepare restaurant orders, greet customers or clean spills. They ensure the restaurant is properly stocked and staffed for all hours of operation, particularly during peak periods, such as lunch and dinner rushes. Working around busy times, managers schedule maintenance and thorough cleaning activities. As McDonald's comes out with new promotions, managers change window signs, menu boards and associated materials to keep their stores current.

Managing Logistics, Guidelines and Community Outreach

  • McDonald's managers constantly strive to achieve profit and sales goals while ensuring stores comply with safety, security and food service guidelines and regulations. They count money, make deposits, receive food deliveries and take inventory. Managers also handle records and paperwork, including payroll, employee benefits and personnel files. Some restaurants allow their managers to go beyond the job description to make ties to the community. For example, they may organize fundraisers for schools or hold charity drives for local causes.

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