Attractions Between Missouri & Dallas, Texas

The city of Dallas, Texas, is located approximately 630 miles from the city of St. Louis; about 506 miles from Kansas City; approximately 547 miles from St. Joseph and about 415 miles from Springfield, Missouri. It usually takes between six and 10 hours to get from Missouri to Dallas, depending on the starting point. To go from Missouri to Texas, people need to pass through the state of Oklahoma. On the way, travelers may want to stop to see the sites of Oklahoma and North Texas, including shopping centers, parks, art galleries, museums or zoos.

  1. Eastern Trails Museum

    • At the Eastern Trails Museum, people can learn more about the history of Vinita, a city that started out as a railroad center in Oklahoma in 1871, according to (See Reference 1). The museum features artifacts from early Native American settlers. It also has full-scale replicas of buildings, such as a general store and post office.

      Eastern Trails Museum

      215 W. Illinois Ave.

      Vinita, OK 74301


    Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge

    • Located in Sherman on Lake Texoma, the Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge consists of marshes and farmland where people can see a range of waterfowl, such as white-fronted geese, pelicans, mallards and ring-necked ducks. On the facility, people can also engage in outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking and boating. The facility has guided tours for large and small groups.

      Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge

      6465 Refuge Road

      Sherman, TX 75092


    Bailey's Berry Patch

    • Found in Sadler, Texas, Bailey's Berry Patch is a blueberry and blackberry farm that visitors can explore. People can pick berries or have a picnic within the facility. Children have the chance to feed catfish at the farm's on-site pond.

      Bailey's Berry Patch

      905 Crawford Road

      Sadler, TX 76264


    Tulsa Performing Arts Center

    • The Tulsa Performing Arts Center, an entertainment venue in the city of Tulsa, features Broadway-style and classic plays, symphony orchestra performances, musicians, festivals, ballets and operas. The center has featured plays such as William Shakespeare's "Macbeth" and performance art pieces such as ballet dancer Megan McKown-Miller's "Song of the Swimming Sun."

      Tulsa Performing Arts Center

      110 E. 2nd St.

      Tulsa, OK 74103


    Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum

    • Also located in Tulsa, the Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum is home to animals such as meerkats, cheetahs, giraffes, jaguars, anacondas, sea lions, river otters, emus, kangaroos and prairie dogs. The zoo features a petting zoo where children can interact with farm animals. It also has camel tours, a climbing wall, a children's playground, daily feedings, shows and a trampoline ride.

      Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum

      6421 E. 36th St. North

      Tulsa, OK 74115


    Lake Sahoma

    • At Lake Sahoma, a body of water found in the town of Sapulpa, Oklahoma, guests can engage in activities such as fishing and boating. The lake also features areas for families to have a picnic or camp for the night. Children can play on the lake's playground or fish off on-site docks.

      Lake Sahoma

      8853 Sahoma Lake Rd.

      Sapulpa, OK 74066


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