Website Hosting Procedures

Web hosting seems relatively simple on its surface. Yet you cannot simply obtain a hosting plan and expect to have a website up and running. Rather, you need to follow a set procedure to maximize the value of the money you put into the project. In addition, you will have more time to conceptualize your site if you plan ahead.

  1. Domain Name Registration

    • The first step to obtaining web hosting involves obtaining a domain name. You will save invaluable time by starting with the name. With a concept in mind, compile a list of 10 or more ideas for domain names. You can check the availability of domain names by using any domain name registration tool online. offers one such option for free. You can obtain a standard .com domain name for around $10.

    Website Building

    • You should build a website before you obtain a hosting plan so you are not paying for hosting before you have a site to put up. You have a plethora of options when it comes to website building. Many free programs have very user-friendly interfaces. You can use a paid software tool to build a more advanced website. Determine the necessary functionality of your website. If you can build the site for free, do it. Be aware that using templates can make your site look less sophisticated. If you really want credibility and buzz generation, you should try to make your design as advanced as possible while preserving functionality and a user-friendly interface.

    Website Hosting

    • The final step in web hosting involves obtaining a hosting plan. If you opt for a free option, you will likely be forced to have your domain name linked into another website. Thus, "" will look something like "" Paid hosting options offer different functionality as well. The more expensive plans will allow more bandwidth, faster servers, email functionality and various other options. Once you obtain your plan, you can upload your website to the server and activate your site for the world to see.

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