The Best Fruits & Veggies for Cockatoos

Cockatoos should be encouraged to eat fruits and vegetables.
Cockatoos should be encouraged to eat fruits and vegetables. (Image: Cockatoo image by Claire waterfield from

Fruits and vegetables are a vital part of a cockatoo's diet. These foods should make up 20 to 25 percent of the cockatoo's overall diet along with pellets and seeds. Although fruits are important for a cockatoo to be healthy, fruits that are high in Vitamin C should not be fed often as this can lead to an illness called Iron Overload Disease. Cockatoos can also be fed dried fruits and vegetables (as long as they do not contain additives) and baby food consisting of mashed up fruits and vegetables.


The best fruit to feed to a pet cockatoo is the banana, as this is a fruit that works as a natural cure for a number of health problems found in birds, particularly vitamin deficiency. The banana has four times the amount of protein as an apple and twice the amount of carbohydrates. The fact that they are rich in potassium also gives them added nutritional value for cockatoos.


Broccoli an ideal vegetable to feed cockatoos as it is extremely rich in protein, which aids in growth. Broccoli is also rich in plenty of vitamins and minerals, giving them added nutritional value. Cockatoos can eat broccoli warm or cold, but it should not be given while still hot. When boiled, leave broccoli to cool slightly before feeding to the cockatoo.


Carrots provide a vital source of Vitamin A for a pet cockatoo. Without enough Vitamin A, a cockatoo's health will be damaged and the overall plumage can appear stained, pale and unkempt. Carrots can be served to the cockatoo grated or sliced at a lukewarm temperature or cold.

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