Hairstyles for Round & Oval Face Shapes


Like body types, women have several face types as well. Dressing for a certain body type is almost the same as having a hairstyle match your face type. There are hairstyles for square faces, heart faces and even long faces. Round and oval faces both have a rounded hairline but need different hairstyles to make each face type look its best.

There are several hairstyles for those with round or oval shape faces.
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A round face shape is determined because the face is as long as it is wide. Celebrities with a round face shape include Mandy Moore, Kate Winslet and Drew Barrymore. A hairstyle for a round face shape should have a part that is to the side, to reduce the roundness of your face. Fullness or emphasis at the crown of the head is also a good choice for a hairstyle. Keep the hair close to your face to make your face appear longer. Tapered ends and layers from about the mouth down can also make the face seem longer.

A side part helps reduce the roundness of your face.
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Avoid short hair unless the hair is swept back. Avoid a hairstyle that is all one length and a center part. Straight bangs should not be put on someone with a round face. Avoid hairstyles that also place most of the volume at your ears as this will add weight to your face. Having a round haircut that ends at your chin will also add weight.

Straight bangs should be avoided by those with round faces.
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An oval face is defined as one with a slightly rounded hairline and a jaw that is slightly narrower than the temples of the head. Celebrities with an oval face include Mariah Carey, Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts. Oval faces have the advantage of almost any hairstyle looking good on them. Because the oval face is well balanced, any length will usually look good especially when the hair is swept back off the face.

Any length of hair looks good on an oval face, especially when it's swept off the face.
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Although there are not many hairstyles to avoid for an oval face shape, there are a few things to keep in mind. Hair that is short and curly should be avoided as well as thick hair that has been cut bluntly. Avoid hairstyles that cover up your features like hair that is styled forward and heavy bangs. Also, the hairstyle needs to be worn away from the face to show off your features and to avoid adding weight to the face.

Avoid short and curly hair.
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