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Many women are concerned with the appearance of their bust and butt size. Keeping both of these areas toned and in good shape will not only turn heads, but it may make a woman look better in her clothes and give her more confidence. Simple exercises to tone and enhance your bust and butt size can easily be done in your own home.

Press Ups

  • Press ups enhance a woman's bust size by strengthening the chest muscles directly under the breasts. To do a press up, face a wall and position your feet about shoulder-width apart, about 1 foot from the wall. Put your hands against the wall, also at a shoulder-width distance. Lower yourself slowly to the wall, and hold that position for three seconds. Press yourself back up slowly.

    Press ups are like standard push ups against a wall instead of on the floor. They are easy, but they produce results. Do 10 press ups four to five times a day to enhance breast size.


  • Butterflies are another exercise that will enhance bust size. For this exercise, you will need two hand weights about 2 to 5 lbs. in weight. Lie on the floor with your knees bent for stability. Stretch your arms, holding one weight in each hand, straight out to the sides of your body. Lift them simultaneously into the air, until your arms form a "V" shape in front of your face. Repeat this 15 times to firm and tone the muscles under the breasts.

Toe Taps

  • Toe taps can be done at home to tighten and enhance the shape and size of your butt. Lie on the floor and lift your legs. Bend the knees at a 90-degree angle. Keeping one leg bent, lower the other one and tap the ground with your toes. Lift the leg and repeat with the other foot. Keep alternating your feet until you have completed 15 sets.

Dumbell Squats

  • Squats are a great way to keep your butt in shape. Adding weights to this exercise will make squats even more successful. To do this exercise, FitnessMagazine.com suggests placing your feet shoulder-width apart and holding 8-lb. to 10-lb. weights by your thighs. Squat down like you are sitting in a chair, while keeping your body weight over your knees to remain balanced. Stand back up to the start position while keeping your butt muscles tight. Repeat this 15 to 20 times. If the weight of the dumbbells are too heavy, use lighter hand weights.

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