Senior Citizen Activities in Clarksville, Tennessee

Clarksville is in Montgomery County near the northern border of Tennessee, and is the fifth largest city in the state. The city offers a variety of activities for senior citizens aged 50 and older, most of which are made available through senior centers and community centers. The activities can include anything from morning walks, evening classes and free local fairs on weekends.

  1. Ajax Turner Senior Center Activities

    • The Clarksville-Montgomery County Ajax Turner Senior Center offers several services for senior citizens in the Clarksville area. While some services offered by the center include health screenings, AARP tax assistance and community support; other services are more social in nature. Local senior citizens can take part in the center's variety of activities, including twice weekly bingo games, daily card games, bridge tournaments, sewing and quilting classes, language lessons, and billiards games. The senior center also offers some paid activities, including ceramics lessons, dance lessons and computer classes.

      Ajax Turner Senior Center

      953 Clark St.

      Clarksville, TN 37040


    Kleeman Community Center Activities

    • With the support of the Clarksville Parks and Recreation Department, the Kleeman Community Center in Clarksville offers various activities for senior citizens in the area. Between 8 and 9 a.m. every Monday through Thursday morning, senior citizens can meet at the community center to take part in morning walking exercises. The center also hosts senior dances and Senior Saturday, which features the outdoor activities of badminton, volleyball and pickle ball. Attendants must be at least 50 years of age to receive free admission to Senior Saturday.

      Kleeman Community Center

      166 Cunningham Lane

      Clarksville, TN 37042


    Rivers and Spires Festival

    • The Rivers and Spires Festival is held each spring in downtown Clarksville and features musical acts, entertainment, food booths and local crafts. The festival offers some events designed specifically for senior citizens, including the "Patchwork Premiere" event, launched in 2010. The Patchwork Premiere kicks off the Rivers and Spires Festival and offers refreshments, staged entertainment, big band music and dancing, a quilt giveaway, and arts and crafts booths. Many of the musicians and quilters featured at the event are local citizens. The Patchwork Premiere, as well as the entire Rivers and Spires Festival, is free and open to the public.

      Rivers and Spires Festival

      25 Jefferson St., Suite 300

      Clarksville, TN 37040


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