Parts of the Human Chest


Several parts make up the human chest. The chest is located on the upper portion of the torso, or main part of the body. The chest contains several parts of the human body. The contents of the chest are almost the same for men and women. A woman's contains mammary glands while a man's does not.


  • Two lungs and the heart reside in the chest. The heart sits in the middle of the two lungs. The left lung is smaller than the right lung. This allows more room for the heart. They take in oxygen. The oxygen is taken from the lungs by blood vessels. Other vessels bring carbon dioxide waste from various parts of the body to the lungs. When you breath out, the carbon dioxide leaves the body. The heart pumps blood throughout the body.

Bones and Muscles

  • The lungs and heart are protected by the ribcage. The ribs extend from the spine and enclose the organs. There are small gaps between each rib. The upper ribs connect to a flat vertical bone, the sternum. The sternum sits over the heart. The ribs are connected with cartilage, which allows the ribs to expand as necessary, according to the Free Science website. The other bones in the chest are the humerus, scapula, spine and collarbone. The humerus, scapula and collarbone are all connected, and lead to the shoulders. Muscles attach to the bones for movement.

Other Parts

  • Veins run along the organs and bones throughout the chest. They all connect to the heart, and extend to various parts of the body. Arteries, especially the aorta, help move blood through the veins. The aorta is the artery on the heart and is the biggest, according to the Free Science website. The diaphragm, esophagus, trachea and xiphoid process are also located in the chest. The diaphragm assists with breathing. The esophagus runs from the mouth to the stomach. The trachea enters the lungs from the nose and throat, carrying air. The xiphoid process is the lower part of the sternum that is shaped like a triangle, according to Med Terms.

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