School Rules on Hair Styles


In order to maintain a positive, non distracting musical experience, many schools choose to implement rules in regards to student appearance. This mostly includes dress codes and school uniforms but also includes hair styles. Whether or not one agrees with these rules, they do exist and unfortunately there is no uniform standard that has been adopted. Schools are just as likely to maintain a loose attitude as they are to severely limit the style and color choices available to students.


  • Hair naturally grows in only a handful of colors, though it occupies almost an infinite range of shades within these colors or even combinations of these colors. However, hair can be dyed any imaginable color either through colored, temporary hair paints or permanently through hair dyes. Many schools choose to limit hair color to only natural colors, such as black, blonde brown and red. Students may dye their hair any of these colors. Other schools are more accepting of unnatural colors. Depending on the school, they may lax the rules a bit during school spirit rallies where students color their hair school color.


  • The majority of schools maintain a rule that states that no "extreme" hair styles are allowed. This obviously includes such things as mohawks and liberty spikes. However, this rule tends to be a grey area in which schools and students routinely go back and forth. What teachers and administrators decide is extreme can vary from district to district and even from year to year in the same district. While the rules tend to be purposefully ambiguous, to allow the administration necessary leeway, they can also be seen as open to interpretive abuse.


  • Although most schools have abandoned the idea of regulating the length of student's hair, especially in regards to different lengths for different genders, many private schools and boarding schools still do dictate certain lengths. For example, The Mooreland Boarding School states that males hair cannot grow beyond the collar and that both female and male hair cannot be so long as to interfere with the eyes. If it gets that long on females, it must be pulled back into a ponytail. Furthermore, neither male nor female students may wear their hair so short that their scalps can be seen.


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