Free Java Games for W850i

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Java-powered games are the most common format of games found on mobile phones, and most are also free to download. The Sony Ericsson W850i has many free Java games available for it, as it's considered to be one of the best phones for mobile gaming.

  1. Super Mario Planet

    • "Super Mario Planet" can be downloaded via the Mobile Rated website (see Resources). "Super Mario Planet" is like the "Super Mario" games of old, a 2D side-scroller, except this time Mario walks on power lines while dodging increasingly harder obstacles.

      The graphics are functional and are similar to some of Mario's first games, while sound is sparingly used, but it's catchy all the same. Gameplay is simple yet addictive and has a nice difficulty curve. With many levels to master, "Super Mario Planet" will keep gamers playing for quite a long time to come.

    Resident Evil: The Missions 3D

    • "Resident Evil: The Missions 3D," a spin-off of the main "Resident Evil" series, can be downloaded via Mobile Games Arena (see Resources). It revolves around completing tasks, in mini-game-style, inside the Raccoon City Police Station.

      These tasks can be anything from escaping the Police Station to killing all enemies or even saving hostages--quite a nice variety. The visuals are stunning for a Java mobile game, boasting 3D visuals close to the first-generation PlayStation games. Sound quality is also pretty good as well, with some nice gun and creature bursts of audio.

    Crazy Taxi 3D

    • "Crazy Taxi 3D" can be downloaded with the link via the website Mobile 9 (see Resources). The "Crazy Taxi" series is a fast-paced game that has the player delivering and picking up passengers as fast as possible as he tries to make as much money as you can in the given time limit.

      The transition to the mobile phone is impressive, with almost everything which made the others in the series so addictive and satisfying to play intact. With the city being rendered in 3D, the game certainly is easy on the eyes, and the sound can be toggled to include the music or sound effects, both are equally as good.

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