Scholarships For Counseling Psychology Graduates

Counseling psychology graduates looking for scholarships will find several available, including some specifically within a counseling psychology discipline. It's worth contacting your school's psychology department, as many scholarships are offered through the department itself. Check the eligibility requirements for scholarships, as they may require memberships to certain organizations or programs.

  1. APA/APAGS Award for Distinguished Graduate Student In Professional Psychology

    • Awarded by the American Psychological Association of Graduate Studies (APAGS), this scholarship grants financial assistance to a graduate student who exhibits outstanding work with an underrepresented population. Candidates from all psychology subspecialties, including counseling psychology, can apply. Application requirements include a description of your work with the population, a curriculum vitae and support from an APA member. Applicants may also self-nominate.

    Degree Directory Psychology and Counseling Master's Degree Scholarship

    • Graduate students interested in pursuing a counseling psychology degree can apply for Degree Directory's scholarship. The $500 scholarship is awarded annually to one recipient based on her academic and employment history as well as extracurricular activities. It is not based on financial need; however, you must be a full-time student to receive the scholarship.

    U.S. Army Health Professions Scholarship Program

    • If you're interested in a counseling psychology career in the armed services, the U.S. Army Health Professions Scholarship Program provides both two- and three-year scholarships for counseling psychology students. Recipients are commissioned as officers in the U.S. Army and receive a stipend to continue their studies until the program is complete, committing one year of the scholarship program to an internship as a counseling psychologist. The program covers tuition, books, a monthly stipend and Army officer pay.

    Violet and Cyril Franks Scholarship

    • The American Psychological Foundation offers the Violet and Cyril Franks Scholarship to graduate students currently enrolled in a psychology program. Open to full-time enrolled students at accredited universities, the $5,000 scholarship aims to lessen stigma connected with mental illness.

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