Functional Resume List of Skill Sets

A functional resume is a type of resume frequently chosen by people who are applying for a job in a new field or in an area that is not related to their education. Instead of focusing on past experiences, a functional resume focuses on the skill sets accrued through experience and education.

Familiarizing yourself with some examples of skill sets will help you formulate your own functional resume.

  1. Communication Skills

    • Communication skills are all the skills related to exchanging ideas and information. Communication skills comprise not just the ability to make ideas understood, but also to understanding the ideas of others. Skills in this set include writing, listening, asking, negotiating, consulting and facilitating discussions, among others.

    Organization Management Skills

    • Organization management skills help an individual manage and direct a group of people toward a common goal. These skills are acquired from leading groups and teams. Examples of skills in this set include problem-solving, time-management, supervising, mediating, directing, delegating and motivating.

    Research and Investigation Skills

    • Research and investigation skills help an individual track down information or knowledge. Research and investigation skills can be gained in a variety of ways--through academic research, researching sales leads or investigating market information for a business plan. Examples of research and investigation skills include analyzing ideas and/or data, performing research, investigating, thinking critically, synthesizing information and developing theories.

    Information Management Skills

    • Information management skills are related to an individual's ability to manage data, knowledge and ideas. Usually, these skills relate to an individual's ability to manage information via a computerized system. Important information management skills include math skills, record-keeping and logical ability, as well as organizing, managing and monitoring information.

    Planning and Design Skills

    • Planning and design skills reflect an ability to plan for future development. These skills can be related to any type of design and planning--event-planning, product design or developing a business plan. Specific skills can include anticipating problems, planning, conceptualizing, designing, improvisation, composing and visual thinking.

    Physical Skills

    • Physical skills are essentially tactical skills. These skills are not just a reflection of an individual's ability to do physical labor; they are also hands-on skills, such as building, inventing, operating equipment, repairing, restoring and constructing.

    Human Services Skills

    • Human services skills relate to meeting the needs (physical, emotional, mental, work-related or social) of others. These skills are highly important in medical and social services fields, but they can also be effective and useful in many other industries. Human service skills can include interpersonal skills, group-process skills, counseling, advocating, coaching, sensitivity to needs and providing care.

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