Factors Considered in Customer Service

Customer service is the foundation of an organization. It is a commitment to customer satisfaction and service that leads to customer loyalty. When you operate as a customer-focused organization, the result is sustainable profitability. But there are factors that must be considered. You have the opportunity to recognize and improve your level of customer service when every action is customer focused and guided by a commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectation. Below are some factors to consider in customer service.

  1. You Must be Available

    • Customers want their questions answered quickly .
      Customers want their questions answered quickly .

      You must be available for your customer, whether it is by telephone, e-mail or a contact form on the website. You can implement a customer service department, but if your customer is left waiting, it is not beneficial to the customer or the organization.

    Take Ownership

    • Claim and resolve the situation.
      Claim and resolve the situation.

      Take responsibility of the situation. Even if you cannot offer a solution yourself, make sure the customer does not get bounced around trying to find the right person to assist them.

    Exceed Expectations

    Be Accurate

    • Be knowledgeable about your product.
      Be knowledgeable about your product.

      Customers deplore inaccuracy. When you communicate with a customer, you must be clear, concise and accurate with the facts. These facts are useful when you have to review the details of a specific customer.

    Return a Customer's Call

    • Always treat others how we ourselves would like to be treated.
      Always treat others how we ourselves would like to be treated.

      You must return a customer's call during that same business day and have a process in place for maintaining this as a normal procedure. There is nothing more frustrating than not having a live person to talk to when you have a situation to resolve. Some larger companies that have a 24-hour customer service department are considered quality standard, but even a small business can deliver satisfaction if the customer is contacted in a specific time.

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