What Are the Benefits of Public Transportation Bus Drivers Training?

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics reports that in 2006 there were over 51,000 bus transportation crashes in the United States. Bus drivers who are employed by public transportation companies are required to undergo rigorous training programs to ensure the comfort and safety of their passengers and the safety of other motorists on the road. Some public transportation companies train their own bus drivers, whereas others will send their employees to an outside training company. After drivers have attended a training program, there are many benefits that result.

  1. Decreased Traffic Accidents

    • Bus drivers must hold a commercial driver's license (CDL) in order to drive a passenger bus. Driver training safety programs increase drivers' skills when transporting passengers. The majority of the programs allow trainees to drive on practice routes, which enables them to learn safe zigzag maneuvers, reversing techniques and driving skills for busy roads and highways. After completing a training program, drivers remain more alert and confident on the road and decrease their chances of being involved in a traffic accident.

    Improved Customer Service

    • The Bureau of Labor Statistics report that public transport driver programs train bus drivers courteous and friendly ways of dealing with passengers. Drivers are trained in schedule reading, the location of bus stops and stations, and collecting passenger fares. Dealing with unruly passengers is also part of a public transportation bus driver's training program. Combining all of these skills increases both driver and passenger safety.

    Increased Bus Safety Inspections

    • Bus drivers are trained to properly inspect their buses before starting a route. Bus drivers will examine mirrors, safety lights, stop signs and tire pressure to ensure that their buses are in good working order before each shift, and are taught to report any failed equipment to their public transportation company. Safety training programs also teach drivers to inspect the inside of each bus before driving to ensure that there are no loose items that can cause problems when the bus is in motion.

    Refresher Training Programs

    • The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that bus drivers are required to attend regular refresher training programs to ensure that their skills remain at a high level. Refresher training programs reinforce driver competence regarding customer service, passenger safety, vehicle inspection and CDL rules.

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