Types of Preparation Before an Interview

In this tight job market, you are competing not only with those who are on your level but with those who are over-qualified. Getting called for an interview is a step in the right direction, and to continue on a path of success, you should prepare thoroughly to showcase your skills in the interview.

  1. Company Research

    • Immediately after you accept the interview, begin conducting research on the company. Find out about campaigns, initiatives and objectives so you can have an idea of the company's general expectations. It is also wise to have knowledge of the industry as a whole so that you can converse freely about competition, partners and opportunities.

    Know Your Position

    • In addition to your company and industry research, note trends in the position you are seeking that may prompt questions for you to ask during your interview. Identify the typical duties of the job title and anticipate what will be expected of you. Many jobs requiring the same routine tasks fall under a unique title or position, so you'll want to be clear whether the position of director of internal labor means you'll be overseeing a team or whether you'll be expected to work on a cleanup crew.


    • First impressions really make a difference, and your appearance during an interview should reflect this concept. Your clothes should be cleaned, pressed and tidy. Your grooming regimen should include styling your hair, and men should trim facial hair. Go easy on colognes or body sprays as to not overpower the office with your fragrance.


    • An often-overlooked part of the pre-interview process is handling the little etiquette reminders before you sit down and talk about yourself. Confirm your appointment the day before or morning of the interview to ensure that the staff has remembered your appointment and is prepared to meet with you. Arrive a few minutes before your interview in case you experience traffic, get lost or need to check in or wait. Greet everyone you see, from the parking lot to the hot seat. You never know whether the person you bump into at the elevator is your potential new boss.

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