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Rack up a billiards logo.
Rack up a billiards logo. (Image: Billiards image by Towards Ithaca from

Whether you’re opening up the new “pool place” in town or getting your own billiards league off the ground, creating a way for people to recognize you is important. One way to do this is through a logo, a graphical image created to symbolize your group or organization. Create a good logo and you’ll soon have people coming in to “rack ‘em up.”

Have a Ball

While the traditional rack of pool balls offers colors and stripes of different hues, a logo option is to play with the idea of colors being associated with peoples’ moods and behaviors. This idea, that a color can cause a person to think, feel or act in a particular way, can work for you with your logo. The Bloomsburg University Virtual Training Help Center suggests blue, for example, if you want to convey a billiards hall that is calm, trustworthy, clean and secure, such as one targeted at families. In your triangle rack, color all of the balls a single shade of blue or varying blues such as peacock and navy. If you want your billiards hall to be the main attraction for fierce competition and the best players around, consider a logo featuring lots of red (speed, strength, desire and danger are all associated with this color) or orange (enthusiasm, attention and vibrancy).

Eight is Enough

When playing the pool version of “Eight Ball” and other games, the way to win a round is to knock all of the other balls into their pockets before sinking the eight ball, signaling the game is over. Because this ball can end a game early (if someone sinks it before running the rest of the table), it is often the most recognizable ball associated with pool (not only because it has its own game, the “Magic 8-Ball”). Show potential customers that your billiards club is just as important as the eight ball by emblazoning the ball with your logo. Instead of the small round white circle where the number eight is on the ball, write your team name, billiards club name or initials. The blackness and solid color of the ball make it instantly recognizable, but the lack of the eight will give people pause and cause them to look again.

Take a Cue

You can’t play billiards without cues; usually, a minimum of two cues are in play during a competitive game (when there are two players). A striking way to represent yourself and your organization is to use the cues as your imagery. Design a cue-style version of the letter “X,” where the two cues overlap each other. On the front cue, add a graphical element (such as an attractive font or hand-lettering) with your billiards hall or group name. On the cue in the back, add information like a website address or tag line, such as “We’ve got deep pockets” or “Best racks in town.” Make sure that the wording on the second cue isn’t covered up by the cue that overlaps it.

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