Recruiting Ideas for Direct Sales

Use multiple ideas and always test results.
Use multiple ideas and always test results. (Image: wanted image by Blue Moon from

Direct sales recruiting can be an ongoing effort. It requires careful screening of applicants and the recruitment of candidates who possess the desire and skills needed for the task of selling. Companies should apply multiple recruitment strategies and media vehicles. Recruitment advertising tactics and strategies should be continually monitored and assessed for improvements to meet current needs and build a pool of candidates for future hiring needs.

On-Site Announcements

Companies with a retail or traditional “brick and mortar” location can advertise on their premises. Develop job announcement posters to display inside of reception and waiting rooms, or at offices or payment locations. Consider including an incentive for new hires, such as a discount on products or services.

Billing Statements

If the company has a Web site, use customer-frequented areas, such as a billing page, to advertise job listings and recruit candidates for a low- to no-cost job opening advertising program. In addition, candidates can be directed to company informational pages to become familiar with your product or service, which will help with training and onboarding new hires. In addition to online advertising, use print advertising to generate leads in printed bills sent to customers.

E-mail Recruitment Marketing

Companies that regularly disseminate e-mail marketing and newsletters can maximize opportunities to use those vehicles for recruitment purposes. Include job vacancy information on the promotional content that is most viewed by Web site visitors. Use banner ads with headlines that will appeal to candidates, like “Want to earn extra money,” “Know someone who needs a job” or “Think you‘d be great at selling our products?” as teasers. When Web site visitors click on the banner, they will be redirected to your Careers page to receive more information about direct sales job opportunities.

Job Fairs

Hold job fairs to attract candidates to direct sales opportunities. College campus job fairs can be attractive because they will attract a base of candidates with educational qualifications and the ability to work various shifts. In addition, the rate of pay can be at or slightly above minimum wage to lower labor costs. Also explore job fair opportunities with career counseling and government agencies, such as the Department of Labor, and nonprofit organizations, such as the Urban League. Send press releases to the media to promote attendance and provide information about necessary qualifications.

Local Media

During times of high unemployment many local television and radio stations help viewers and listeners find jobs by listing employment opportunities. Contact local media stations to see if you might assist in their efforts by having your direct sales positions listed for free. Barter services for the free placements by serving as a source for news and advice on job hunting tips.


Many companies are using outsourcing firms to recruit direct sales personnel. The savings in human resources time can be significant. In addition, you can work with the outsourcing company to develop training periods and manuals that will be specific to your needs and goals. The companies will work with you to develop scripts for direct sales calls, and screen all applicants. This will further reduce costs for training, screening and hiring.

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