Sleepover Games for Girls to Play


Avoid watching your daughter's sleepover fall apart by preparing several sleepover games for her to play with her friends. Games that make the girls participate as a team or make them move will keep them from griping at each other and off of their cell phones. If you video tape the sleepover games, the girls can relive the fun by watching the video later that night.

Bobbing for Polish

  • Girls will love getting messy as they dig through a kiddie pool filled with instant mashed potatoes in search of plastic sandwich bags filled with nail polish, nail files, hand soap and lotion. After they find all four items they are ready to get manicures and pedicures.

Coconut Bowling

  • Regardless of the sleepover theme girls will love making over a coconut with a hot glue gun and cloth. They can make faces or dress up their coconuts before rolling it down a mock bowling lane to knock over plastic pins or 2 liter bottles that have been filled to the quarter mark with water.

Donut Gobble

  • Find out who can gobble a doughnut fastest by putting sleeping masks on each girl and placing her in front of a hanging donut. Hang a piece of yarn, fishing line or twine from the ceiling and loop it through the doughnut’s hole. Each girl should attempt to catch her donut and eat it first. The players waiting their turn should direct the girls to their swinging doughnuts while a designated photographer snaps photos.

Hula Hoop Obstacle Course

  • Arrange hula hoops into an obstacle course and then time the girls as they race to complete it. The girl who finishes in the least amount of time wins. Hang a few from trees or twine and have girls jump through them. Lay eight of them on the ground for the girls to hop through and one right before the finish line for each girl to hoop five times.

Laugh Dance

  • Turn off the lights in the room where the girls will be sleeping and turn on the music. Hand one girl a flashlight and instruct her to stand in the middle of the room. Everyone should be dancing to the music in the dark. The flashlight holder will periodically shine the light on a girl who then has 10 seconds to dance until the flashlight holder laughs. If the flashlight holder laughs, the two players switch places. If she does not succeed in dancing a laugh out of the flashlight holder the light will be turned off, aimed at a different dancer and turned back on.

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