Side Effects of Convenia in Cats


Convenia is a type of injectable antibiotic that is used for bacterial infection treatment in felines. It's in the cephalosporin class of antibiotic medications. Veterinarians frequently prescribe the drug for the management of respiratory tract infections, bone infections, urogenital tract infections, abscesses and wounds. Convenia is routinely administered to dogs, too.

Convenia is available exclusively by veterinary prescription.
Convenia is available exclusively by veterinary prescription. (Image: annadarzy/iStock/Getty Images)

Administering Convenia

Convenia is a single-dose antibiotic. It destroys bacteria by deconstructing their cell walls. Veterinarians administer the antibiotic via injection. They inject the drug below their patients' skin. Vets determine suitable dosage amounts by assessing their patient's body weight. When cats get these injections, they can receive a maximum of 14 days total of antibiotic treatment. Because of that, caretakers often don't have to administer medication to their cats once they return home.

Potential Side Effects in Cats

Although Convenia, when administered by veterinarians, is typically successful and safe for use in cats, side effects are occasionally a possibility. Potential side effects for feline users of this antibiotic are inappropriate urinating, diarrhea, throwing up, hyperactive behavior, decreased energy levels, exhaustion and reduced appetite. These side effects are not unlike those associated with many other kinds of antibiotics. Despite the chances of side effects, mature cats and kittens alike usually handle the medication with ease. Notify your vet as soon as possible if you pick up on the presence of any side effects in your pet.

Possible Allergic Reactions

Some cats experience allergic reactions to this medication, although they're uncommon. If you have any reason to think your cat might be having an allergic reaction to this drug, contact your veterinarian for assistance immediately. Some possible indications of allergic reactions to this drug in cats include upset stomach (specifically vomiting and diarrhea), feebleness, skin rashes, trouble breathing and facial swelling.

Caution Necessary

This drug isn't suitable or safe for all cats. Convenia isn't a good fit for felines who have confirmed allergies or hypersensitivities to it or to any other kinds of cephalosporins or penicillins. The drug's safety with regard to animals younger than 4 months, and pregnant and breeding felines is not yet decided. Cats who are vulnerable to seizures might have higher chances of experiencing them due to Convenia.

Excessively high dosage amounts of Convenia can bring upon neurotoxicity, nephrotoxicity, blood leukogram shifts, thrombocytopenia and hepatitis. Patients with renal function problems frequently are given decreased dosages of this antibiotic.

Drug interactions are a possibility with Convenia use. The drug can interact with different types of antibiotics. Make sure to inform your veterinarian of all medications your cat is using prior to Convenia administration.

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