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If you want to work from home, you'll probably have to weed through a lot of scams before you find something that is legitimate. Many "companies" will ask you to pay for a list of companies that hire online workers or for a program that teaches you how to make money running your own websites. Instead, look for work from companies that hire telecommuters or websites that provide freelancing jobs.

  1. Virtual Assistant

    • As a virtual assistant, you perform the same general tasks that an administrative assistant might perform--answering letters and emails, directing phone calls and making travel reservations, for example. You can work for one person full-time or work part-time for several individuals who need help. You can find virtual assistant jobs on websites that cater to virtual assistants.

    Freelance Writer

    • If you have a knack for writing, you can earn a living writing web content, newsletters, blogs and other items for companies or small business owners. Prices for this type of writing range widely--the more talent and experience you have, the higher the prices that you can command. Apply for writing jobs on freelance websites or look for them on more traditional job sites.


    • If you are a trained professional, such as a business executive or lawyer, you can consult online with businesses , charging an hourly rate to offer your advice. Unless you already have a few clients that you can take with you, it may be more difficult to get started in this type of business, since you'll have to advertise your services to find clients instead of sending your resume to potential employers.

    Computer Programmer

    • Many companies need to create a one-time software program or Web application and it isn't cost-effective to hire a full-time programmer. Instead, they hire freelance computer programmers who work from home. Look for these types of jobs through freelance websites that cater to technology jobs.

    Customer Service

    • Some companies outsource customer service rather than maintaining an in-house call center. If you want to be a customer service agent, you could apply to an outsourcing company. You'll work on your computer and phone and earn an hourly wage.

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