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Pharmaceutical sales agents are responsible for prospecting for clients and selling medicines and devices to health care facilities. Their target market are physicians, as they ultimately decide which prescriptions their patients will receive.

Sales agents are expected to market themselves and their brand in a way that is convincing to physicians in order to gain the sale. For this reason, agents' attention also extends to nurses and administrative staff who can assist with scheduling and physician communication. To get your foot in the door and win over potential clients, use simple yet believable marketing techniques.

Meal Meetings

  • Hosting a dinner meeting for physicians and nurses to give information about your products is a convincing way to market. Organize a catered dinner meeting at a local restaurant’s separate dining room, and give an informational presentation. Make use of this time by providing plenty of information in an organized folder or notebook that can be given to attendees. This is an opportune time to provide samples for physicians to take back to their offices or schedule meetings to discuss their needs.

Informative Handouts

  • Prepare information packets with detailed information regarding your product and its uses. The documents you present should be clear and professional. Each packet should be consistent and professionally produced to represent a professional image of your brand. Have enough materials handy for nurses and unconfirmed arrivals to your meetings and appointments.

Promotional Items

  • Get promotional items such as pedometers, stress balls and pill boxes that have your logo on them. Hand these out as you encounter potential clients and to accompany your sales packets. Pharmaceutical promotional supply company Pharma-Insight, Inc. specializes in medical-related gifts and promotional items that can be used to market your brand. The company focuses on handy products that have health care staff in mind including pill splitters, medicine measurers and thermometers.

Fairs, Expos and Conferences

  • Attend health related fairs, expos and conferences. These events are frequented by medical professionals, as the hosts of these events, exhibitors and attendees. Coordinate with event producers to secure a spot to present a specialty workshop or host after-hours events for targeted physicians at a local restaurant or private hotel dining area. If the conference is at a resort property, book a suite where you can host an information reception or networking mixer in your room to entice potential clients about your brand. This will build rapport and brand recognition.

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