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According the USA Racquetball official rules, there are basically two types of hinders in racquetball, replay hinders and penalty hinders. A hinder is when play is stopped due to safety issues, the ball is screened from a clear view, a player gets hit with the ball or a player's stroke is interfered with. Depending on the type of hinder, the rally is replayed or a penalty occurs and control of the point changes players.

Replay Hinders

  • A referee can call a court hinder if the ball hits anything that may cause an irregular bounce, such as a vent, grate or a wet spot. If a player is hit by the ball during a return, it is a replay hinder. However, if the player is hit and the ball was not hit hard enough to reach the front wall, it is not a hinder and the player who hit the ball loses the rally. A body contact hinder can be called by a referee if he feels it would potentially cause an injury if play were to continue or it interfered with a player's attempt to return the ball. A screen ball hinder is called when a rebounding ball comes close to the body of the defensive player and the offensive player does not have a clear view of the ball. If, on the backswing or forward motion just before hitting the ball, a player's racket comes in contact with the opponent's body or racket, a backswing hinder is called.

Penalty Hinders

  • If a player does not move to allow her opponent a straight or cross-court shot to the front wall, a penalty hinder is called. It is also called on a player if he intentionally moves in such a way as to prevent his opponent from hitting these shots. Players are not allowed to move or not move in a way that interferes with an opponent's swing. This is called stroke interference. Players are not allowed to intentionally block their opponents from getting to a ball, cannot push or shove opponents and must ensure that the ball is not wet prior to serving. Play is stopped if a player loses any equipment or article of clothing. These are all considered penalty hinders.

Results of Hinders

  • In the case of a replay hinder, play is stopped and the rally is replayed. The server starts the point over with a first serve. There are two possible outcomes for a penalty hinder, a point is awarded to the hindered player or a side-out situation occurs for the player committing the hinder. This depends on who was serving at the time of the hinder. For example, if you are the server and your opponent commits a penalty hinder, you are awarded the point. However, if your opponent is the server and commits a penalty hinder, she loses the rally, side-out, and you get to serve for the next point.

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