Ideas for a Cat Pheromone Diffuser

Create your own diffuser at home.
Create your own diffuser at home. (Image: atmosfera image by Monella from <a href=''></a>)

Cats are sensitive to their environment and can become stressed by a significant change either inside or outside the home. Cats often manifest stress through negative behaviors, including spraying, inappropriate litter box use, excessive vocalization, or grooming and self-mutilation. Cat pheromone diffusers may calm stressed cats and reduce or eliminate negative behaviors.

Diffusers use evaporation to change a liquid—in this case, cat pheromones—into a dispersible vapor. The ambient air temperature effects the evaporation rate. Commercial plug-in pheromone diffusers use low levels of heat to produce a slow but steady diffusion of pheromones. This same principle applies when making homemade pheromone diffusers from common household objects, including unscented candles, glass bowls and sponges.

Candles and Boiling Water

Light an unscented candle to create a small pool of melted wax. Add some pheromone drops to the hot wax and relight the candle. The heat of the candle disperses the pheromone. The wax keeps the pheromone from evaporating all at once.

Another idea is to pour boiling water into a glass bowl then add a few pheromone drops. The steam rising off the hot water diffuses the pheromones.

Low Heat or Food Dehydrator

Put some water and pheromone drops in a shot glass or small glass bowl. Wrap the glass in chain lights, such as a strand of white lights. The lights will warm the water enough to encourage consistent evaporation. Do not use LED lights because they do not produce enough heat to be effective.

Or fill a sponge with water and add a few pheromone drops. Place the sponge in a food dehydrator, and turn the dehydrator on. The low consistent heat of a dehydrator will diffuse vapors.

Cats may calm down around a pheromone diffuser.
Cats may calm down around a pheromone diffuser. (Image: Cat image by Kavita from <a href=''></a>)

Simple Evaporation

Evaporation does not require additional heat; heat simply regulates the process. Create a simple diffuser by adding a few drops of pheromones to a tissue or dry sponge. If the tissue or sponge is in a cool room, the pheromones will take longer to diffuse. If the tissue or sponge is in are a warm room, evaporation will occur more quickly.

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