Reasons for Hunting Deer

There are several reasons people hunt deer.
There are several reasons people hunt deer. (Image: Deer image by Pinhole from <a href=''></a>)

Many people hunt deer as a hobby. Although deer hunting is often considered a sport, there are many reasons other than sport to hunt deer. One main reason is because of overpopulation. Many of the deers' natural predators, such as wolves, have severely decreased in number, so deer populations can get very high. In addition to practical considerations, many people also enjoy eating venison.


People hunt deer because they enjoy eating deer meat, which is called venison. Deer meat has a high level of protein and less fat than beef or pork, so it is a healthy option. Venison can be prepared in a variety of ways, including fried, braised or in hamburgers and sausages.

Control Overpopulation

Many deer predators, such as wolves and panthers, have decreased in number. That results in big increases in deer populations. When deer populations are too large, it causes a variety of problems. A main problem is that there isn't enough food for the deer, so many suffer from starvation. Large numbers of deer also threaten plants on the forest floor and can cause them to become extinct. Deer also feed on saplings, so overpopulation can affect tree growth. Hunting deer controls deer overpopulation.

Protect People

Hunting deer is also beneficial because people need to be protected from them. As deer populations grow, individuals enter areas where people live. When this happens, deer can cause traffic accidents that can result in death, along with damage to cars. Deer also spread ticks that carry Lyme disease and other infectious diseases.


Hunting deer is also a hobby for many people. People often pay large sums of money to stay at deer hunting lodges in areas known for their deer populations. Some enjoy hunting for deer with bows and arrows, while others hunt with rifles and shotguns. Many hunters cite not just the thrill of the chase, but also the pleasure of spending time outdoors in the natural world.

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