Youth Camp Activities

Entertaining children all day at camp can be challenging. A camp counselor’s job will be much easier if camp activities are varied, with frequent physical activity incorporated into the day. The children will be happy and, eventually, exhausted. Many group camp activities work with youth of all ages.

  1. Assassin

    • Assassin works well when played with several campers. It can be played indoors or outside, making it a good activity for rainy days. Ask the children to sit in a circle, cross their legs and put their heads down. The adult walks around and taps one child to let him know that he will be the assassin. The assassin dispatches his victims by winking at them. Once a camper has been winked at, he must uncross his legs and put his feet in the middle of the circle. Ask campers to wait 5-10 seconds after being winked at before putting themselves out of the game, as uncrossing the legs immediately after the wink could give away who the assassin is. The game ends in one of two ways—either the assassin winks at everyone or they are identified. If a child chooses to accuse someone of being the assassin, they must be correct or they are out of the game. An adult should keep careful watch to prevent campers from not acknowledging winks.

    Blob Tag

    • Blob tag is a take on the familiar form of tag. Play this game with ten or more campers. One child is “It” and runs around trying to tag another child. Once she does, she links arms with the person she tagged. Jointly, they run around until they tag another person. This person links arms with the two children who are “It.” The game continues in this vein until everyone is running around in a blob and there is only one individual camper left, who is the winner.


    • Typhoon is a type of relay race that is perfect for blistering hot days at camp. Divide campers into teams of five. Put a bucket of water in front of each team, and give the first runner a cup. One team member from each team must sit at a designated turnaround line. When the race begins, the runners dip a cup into the bucket of water and run with it to their teammates at the designated line, where they throw it in their faces and shout “Typhoon!” The first runner sits down and the wet teammate takes the cup back to their teammates, who continue the relay. The first team to have all members finish the relay wins.

    Hound and Hunter

    • Hound and Hunter is an active game that works well for camping groups of all sizes. Before the game begins, a camp counselor hides candy or prizes in the general area. Divide campers into pairs. One camper will be the hound, and the other will be the hunter. The hounds may only communicate by barking. Therefore, each hound's bark should be distinctive. Give campers a minute to practice barking and identifying barks. Next, release the hounds. Once a hound—or several hounds—finds a treat, he barks. The hunters must listen for their hounds bark and run to get the prize.

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