What Are Different Types of Camo Patterns?

There are many different camouflage patterns.
There are many different camouflage patterns. (Image: camouflage image by KALISTE A from <a href='http://www.fotolia.com'>Fotolia.com</a>)

Camouflage clothing is commonly worn by hunters so that they blend with their surroundings and animals can't see them easily. Many people also use camouflage patterns to disguise their guns, vehicles and other accessories. Militaries around the world also use camouflage help soldiers hide from the enemy. Camouflage patterns depend upon the environment in which it will be worn. People in a jungle wear different camouflage patterns, for example, than people in a desert.


Some camouflage patterns meant to be worn in forests closely replicate the environment. These patterns are typically in shades of green and brown. The design includes features such as bark, leaves and twigs so that the person wearing it blends well with the trees and brush in the forest.


Some hunters spend most of their time in grassy areas. They often wear camouflage in shades of green and tan that replicates grass. This camouflage is designed so that the hunter will be covered in a fabric that features grass blades and shadows, just like the environment. Hunters in marshy areas also can wear this design.


This camouflage pattern is most well-known because it has been widely used in the United States military. This swirling pattern is made up of shades of brown, tan, green and black. It doesn't have specific forest features, but instead is meant to make the person wearing it blend in using colors. This is the pattern that comes to mind for many people when they think about camouflage.


The United States uses a different camouflage pattern when in desert maneuvers. This pattern is similar to the woodland pattern, as it does not feature specific items. It is a light tan fabric with random splotches and spots in a darker tan. This helps the soldier or hunter blend with lighter-colored desert conditions.


Some people hunt in snowy conditions. A person dressed in green, or any color, would stand out against a solid white background. So one camouflage pattern isn't technically a pattern at all. People camouflaging themselves in the snow wear solid white clothes, including a white hat or cap to cover their hair.

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