3 Man Dice Game Rules


Three-man, also known as 3-Man and Three-Hat-Man, is a drinking game involving dice. Any number of players can participate (provided they are at least 21 years old in the US); however, beertutor's website suggests at least four people play. As with other drinking and party games, players roll dice and must act based on the results (actions typically involve taking a drink or performing an action).

Determine the "Three-Man"

  • Players sit in a circle and take turns rolling one die. The first player to roll a “3” becomes the “Three Man.” The Three-Man must drink whenever the dice add up to three or whenever a three is visible on one of the dice. The Three-Man must drink twice upon a roll of double-3’s. Additionally, the Three-Man determines who starts first: the player sitting on the Three-Man’s left. On the Three-Man’s turn, if he or she rolls a three (by combination or with one dice showing three), he or she is no longer the Three-Man and a new Three-Man must be chosen.

Take Turns Rolling the Dice

  • After the Three-Man is determined, the person sitting to the left of the Three-Man takes the dice and makes a roll. Based on the results, the players must either drink or perform some other action. The player keeps the dice until doubles is rolled. After rolling doubles, the player can choose to give both dice away or one die to two people and play continues until doubles is rolled again.

Rules for Dice Results

  • Despite the party atmosphere and the potential for inebriation, 3 Man requires simple math calculations. Specifically: at any time a three or numbers adding up to a three show on the dice, the Three-Man drinks. Additionally, if the dice total 9 (such as a “3” and a “6” or a “5” and a “4”), everyone in the circle drinks. If the dice total 7, the player sitting to the right of the dice-roller drinks. If the dice total 11, the player sitting to the left of the dice-roller drinks. On a roll of “1” and “4”, players must put and keep their thumb on the floor (the last player to do so must drink and the players who lift their thumbs off the floor must drink). On a roll of “1” and “5”, players must touch their finger to their nose. If the dice roll does not result in any of the above scenarios, play ends and continues to the left.

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