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Golf is still considered a gentlemen’s sport; however, its popularity has spawned generations of new golfers and golfing games, ranging from nighttime golf courses to mini-golf. Putting is the one aspect of golf that can be done almost anywhere, as it requires little space and power. There are several indoor putting games suitable for the serious golfer looking to improve his stroke or for keeping kids entertained.

Indoor Obstacle

  • One of the easiest and most entertaining golf games involves creating your own indoor 9-hole course, incorporating any obstacles you want to throw in. Simply select the targets or use cut-away holes made of paper to serve as the golf holes, then assign each hole a par number based on its difficulty. The game can be played with one or more players. Record each player’s score as the players proceed through the obstacle course; the player with the lowest score wins.


  • With two or more players, find a spacious indoor area. Use a cut-away hole or designated object as the golf hole and place it near the center of the playing green. The game starts with player one choosing any spot on the course from which to putt the ball into the hole. If he misses, it is player 2’s turn; however, if player 1 hits the shot, then player 2 is required to duplicate that exact shot. If player 2 misses, she receives an “H” and the game continues with the next player choosing a new shot location. The first player to miss 5 times, thus spelling “horse,” is eliminated.

Target Game

  • Cut a circle about the size of a golf hole out of a piece of paper. Cut out another circle that is twice as big, and yet another that is twice as large as the second circle. Find a spot within the house—preferably one with a lot of room—and place the largest circle down first, followed by the second largest circle on top of it and then the smallest one in the center. The largest circle area is worth 1 point, the second largest is 5 points and the smallest is 10 points. Take turns trying to putt the ball as close to the smallest circle as possible. You can shoot from any distance or location, and play for as many rounds with as many players as you would like.

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