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With the growth of home improvement shows and magazines, gardening and yard design have seen a resurgence in the past few years. Having a nice flower garden, however, does not necessarily require a backyard with 10 acres of land. In fact, it is possible to create a homey, pretty flower garden on a patio, especially when one follows some clever arrangement tips.

Plant Pedestals

  • One simple way to arrange multiple potted flowers on a patio is to use plant pedestals. Simply place some of the pots with hanging flowers on a pedestal and place additional flower pots at the base. This will allow you to utilize the space on a small patio more effectively. Additionally, some pedestals are hollow with multiple shelves, allowing a homeowner to place a pot on top of the pedestal and a few more inside, further maximizing the use of a single space.

Hanging Pots

  • Hanging pots are an excellent way of utilizing the space above a patio. With the right pots and distance between ceiling (or overhang) and pot, a homeowner can create a space full of flowers without hindering usable space. For an added effect, try using varying lengths of chain holding the pots to create a more dramatic effect on the patio.

Wall Flowers

  • Flower pots can also be arranged along the side of a wall with supports allowing the flowers to grow on the side of the wall. This essentially allows your flowers to utilize a space the size of your patio wall, which can often be substantial. It may take a while for the flowers to mature and grow tall enough to cover the support beams on the wall, so make sure to use supports that are aesthetically pleasing even without being covered by blooms.

Staggered Arrangement

  • Another simple and effective way of arranging pots in smaller spaces is to stagger them. You build a small pyramid by placing the larger pots on the bottom, then putting smaller pots on the top edges between the adjacent pots. This is a great way to utilize your space and to give your plants the room they need. Be careful, however, as not all pots are capable of withstanding large amounts of weight on their edges.

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