Nigeria Customs Regulations

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Nigerian customs regulations are straightforward. (Photo: container image by diogenes from <a href=''></a>)

Depending primarily on oil and possessing Africa&rsquo;s second largest economy, Nigeria is a magnet for businesses, both domestic and international. The country&rsquo;s two main ports in Lagos and Port Harcourt are the primary entry points for imported goods and materials. In order to import or export from Nigeria, the country&rsquo;s rules and regulations must be observed. The Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) is the primary body concerned with customs affairs.


Some tobacco products can enter Nigeria duty free. (Photo: Tobacco image by irfan intekhab from <a href=''></a>)

Foreign-made tobacco products can be brought into the country duty-free. You must be at least 18 years old to import tobacco. Up to 200 cigarettes, 50 medium-sized cigars or 200 grams (7.05 ounces) of loose tobacco can enter the country-duty free. If the tobacco products exceed the listed conditions, Customs will charge duty on the entire amount of tobacco.

Other Items

Small amounts of alcohol can enter Nigeria duty free. (Photo: bottles of alcohol image by L. Shat from <a href=''></a>)

If you&#039;re 18 or older, you may also bring in one liter of spirits and one liter of wine, as well as 284 cubic centimeters of perfume or perfume product. The value of gifts cannot exceed 300 NGN ($2.00), and jewelry, photographic equipment, electronics and luxury goods must be declared to customs.

Banned Imports

Spaghetti cannot be imported into Nigeria. (Photo: spaghetti image by from <a href=''></a>)

The Nigeria Customs Service (NC) lists many items that cannot be imported into the country. These include birds (live or dead), pork and beef, bird eggs, cassava, spaghetti, noodles, cocoa butter, refined vegetable oils and fats, juice boxes, drinking water, bagged cement, pharmaceutical waste products, detergent products, textiles, used air conditioners, freezers and refrigerators, used cars that are more than 10 years old and ballpoint pens.

Absolutely Prohibited goods

White phosphorus matches cannot be imported into Nigeria. (Photo: matches image by Adkok from <a href=''></a>)

The NCS considers some good to be &ldquo;Absolutely Prohibited.&rdquo; These include cowries, air pistols, counterfeit and pirated material, white phosphorus matches, disguised pistols, second-hand clothing, nuclear and toxic waste, and indecent or obscene prints and publications.

Export Prohibition List

Scrap metal cannot be exported from Nigeria. (Photo: scrap heap image by hazel proudlove from <a href=''></a>)

Certain goods and items cannot be exported from Nigeria. These include antiques and antiquities, corn, raw hides and skins, timber, unprocessed leather, scrap metal, endangered animals and endangered animal products.

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