Wood Building Projects for Young Boys


Wood building projects are a good way to teach young boys about woodworking, power tools and safety while using them. With proper supervision and the right materials, any child can create an item to be proud of. A young boy can tackle a number of projects that will result in something fun, educational and useful.

Storage Box

  • One of the easiest projects for a young boy to take on is to build a simple box. If the wood is precut into the required sizes, this project does not require the use of power tools. This basic wood building project teaches children to use a hammer and nails and to be precise in their work. The box can be used to hold books, CDs, magazines or toys.The skills used to make a wooden box are the basis for many other wood building projects.

Bird Feeder

  • Bird feeders are built in much the same way as a simple box. Wooden bird feeder projects come in varying degrees of difficulty and detail. A 10-inch square frame, open on the top and with screening stapled to the bottom, can become a simple bird feeder when equipped with a hanging device. This project is appropriate for boys ages 8 to 13.

Ant Farm

  • Turn two premade photograph frames into an ant farm with the addition of four ½-inch thick strips of wood and some nails. This project requires boys to use a saw to cut the strips of wood to the same length and width as the frame. Replace the glass in the frames with durable Plexiglas, to prevent breakage. Glue the Plexiglass into the frame using a high-quality epoxy. Build a three-sided frame with the 1/2-inch thick wood strips and narrow gauge nails. Place a picture frame on each side of the frame, forming a sandwich of sorts. With the open side facing up, fill the frame with ants and soil. Hammer the final strip of wood to cover the opening. This project is best for ages 7-12.


  • Constructing a pair of stilts can be a fun advanced wood building project for young boys. A project like this requires careful measurement, and the use of a circular saw and a drill. Materials include long thick dowels like those used for a curtain rod, 1-inch wood for the supporters, screws, bolts and wing nuts. Cut the support wood to create wedges for the feet to stand on. Secure them to the dowels with the bolts and wing nuts. With adult supervision, this project takes between one and two hours to complete. This project is recommended for children ages 8 to 14.

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